Why Ride for autism?

We need people like you to help us pave the way to a better future

We know fundraising isn't always easy but it is important to remember that your network is supporting your fundraiser because they believe in you and they know you are doing this because of your connection to autism and passion for taking part in Ride for autism! 

By taking part in Ride for autism, you will help provide the best opportunities for people of all ages on the autism spectrum from tailored educational support to fulfilling work lives and improved social environments.

Here are some top tips from Mark topped the leaderboard last year raising over $6,000

He topped the Ride for autism leaderboard raising over $6,000. 

     Tip 1 - Enthusiasm and Persistence

  • Be enthusiastic about promoting the cause and fundraising in general; your energy, passion and conviction will translate to donations. 

     Tip 2 - Reach as far and wide as possible

  • Utilising emails, social  media, group messages and linking them back to the fundraising page is vital. 
  • Regularly updating your content, whether via the blog, social  media, email, or text keeps it engaging for both people that have already donated and people who maybe considering doing so. 

     Tip 3 - Make it personal to you

  • It can often be difficult to stand out from other worthy fundraising initiatives that ultimately are competing to secure support.
  • Let your story, reason for participating and connection to the cause do the talking!