Tempo Funduro

Down but not out

Team Tempo Enduro is definitely not comprised of couch potatoes – that much is true! We’re more inclined do take the ‘If it’s not raining, it’s not training’ path through life than to be fair weather cyclists. Can you hear the ‘but’ coming…?

We’re on day 4 of torrential rain here in Sydney and the BOM is showing no let-up until Monday. So out of respect for the council MTB trails and other local trail builders (we love you GGs!) and in the interests of saving our bikes from the sandy paste that plays havoc with all moving parts (bikes and bodily), we’re postponing our ride.

Now aiming to get out on the weekend of 5-6 October instead and to compensate and show our appreciation to everyone who’s donated so far, we’ll get Alan to add a little extra risk to the proceedings– I have just the gap jump in mind ;-)

Will keep you posted and watch this space for updates!

Team update


Alan, Ben, Brigitta, Nik


Struggling with logstics:

Nuttal, Rolley, Londish


Struggling with flu:



Just struggling:



Please spread the word team - anyone welcome to join us...!

Welcome to the team

Brigitta and Nik have cancelled all plans for their rest and recovery weekend to join us on Sunday - now that's committment!

Seems ridiculous that we've never ridden together after all these years guys -  I'm excited!

Welcome to the team!

Jacob back in the saddle

Jake got back in the saddle last weekend and notched up a bit of air time.  He hadn't ridden since NZ in December but didn't seem phased by the gaps that have me looking for chicken runs!

Around Garigal

It's not 'Photoshopped' - I promise!

Around Garigal

The line-up so far...

Alan, Ben


Please spread the word team - anyone welcome to join us...!


We're having a go...

An estimated 1 in every 70 people is on the autism spectrum. Along with their family members, this means autism is a part of daily life for over a million Australians.

People on the spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently. For many, simply coping with the everyday can lead to confusion, anxiety and isolation.

On Sunday 22nd of September we’ll be mountain biking 50 kms of Sydney trails to raise funds to support people on the autism spectrum.

Please join the cause and help make our ride count by donating today!

Together we can help provide opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Rob Eagland


Ben Pines


Damian Pincus

Go Roby go fly like the wind for a great cause


David Eagland

Well done enjoy the day


Kate Gardner

Good luck to all the riders and have fun!


Pete Carter

Go get them Sensai


Steve Maher

Ride like the wind amigo