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My target 500 kms

Day 8 All done....time to reflect

500 kms ,8 days? Yep, no worries ,I'm up for that.
Bike's in OK shape, should get through it.The body, same. Any issues , we'll just go the the repair shop.(for the bike that is!)
With any venture, it's as much about the planning as it is about the venture. 
My plan- Morning: eat stretch, warm up, ride.
               Afternoon:see Morning.
Well if you read the other blogs you know the rest.
So, what's left?
A few thank you's.
A big thank you to all my Ride sponsors.Not just for your generosity, but as much for your emotional support,"having my back", the encouragement ,believing I could do this made the whole experience, little bit easier.
My family, also.Truth be told I would have done it anyway, even if they weren't keen on it.But they too had the belief, they supported me 100%.
I mean, what was the alternative?Have me sit at home all week?
And , finally.
A massive thank you to the whole reason I did this ride.
For the past 27 years, Autism & education has been part of my life.It has shaped the person I have become.It has opened my eyes, new doors,& given me a greater perspective on who I ve strived to become.
The children, the parents & carers, they have shared their stories, thoughts, dreams, frustrations, hope & been a driving factor for me to want to be a better carer,educator & person to everyone  

Day 7 The finish line

Up early to get ahead of the weekend Bay walkers.No big targets in mind for today, no long long rolling hills, no sharing roads with traffic (as much as I could).
Given the new lockdown conditions the Bay was relatively free of foot traffic, but the wind was up more than any time this week.Rarely a week goes by when you have it free of any breeze.
Still,I took to the local roads until I'd reached the half way mark of what I needed to hit my goal, before taking on the Bay.A good decision, because even though I'd warmed up, the little wind still made me uncomfortable at times.That's just me,  give me heat or rain any day on the bike over wind.
Exiting the Bay for the final time , heading for the home finish line I glimpsed at the bike computer & knowing what I needed to reach a burst of adrenaline & a few tears(I think it was the cold wind in my face) followed by a big smile knowing what I was about to achieve.
I hit home, but I kept on going past.Why not?One more lap, do the warm down around the streets instead of the trainer.You're done now.Not much more to say, but there's one more day,a victory lap if you like.Hope its a good one.

Day 6 Under graying skies

Will I?Won't I? 
I planned this day to knock off most of what remained of my target & finish off , in the afternoon, weather permitting.
With my route planned out,I should knock off 60kms by lunch & get an afternoon ride around the Bay Run.
The morning went smoothly.No problems, with just the slightest hint of rain in the final hill climb into the home straight.
Lunch, shower & a clean of the bike & an hour later comes the further lockdown news starting in an hour, meaning exercise within a 10k radius.Laps of the Bay.On a weekend .Rain may be a godsend somewhat. Keep out the crowds.
For now it's feet up & a night in .
Thanks Gladys!

Day 5 The virtual finish line is in sight.....sort of

As my Tour De Sydney continued  again in brilliant sunshine, I took to the roads of the Inner west & headed through the Bay,Concord & Rhodes to one of sydney's hidden recreational gems,Sydney Olympic Park.Amongst the kilometres of walking/riding tracks, rolling hills to climb & if you fancy yourself as a "gun" with the bow & arrow, there's even archery fields.
But back to the ride, while things haven't been easy or uncomplicated,I've enjoyed challenging myself with different  courses , exploring some part of suburbs I've not experienced.The body feels good, & the mind is clear.I think that has been the greatest payout for me.
I set out to give back to a group of individuals, who are often misunderstood, in a way that I knew I could achieve with a bit of effort .
With the love, support & care of a wonderful group of supporters, my donors, (thank you all, you've been amazing)who gave of themselves what they could we've smashed our goal
There's still work to be done, a touch under100 kilometres left, in the remaining 3 days, that look like they're going to throw up another challenge....the rain is coming
Image :View from Ryde Bridge
.More to come.....

Day 4 Hump Day

So yeah , it was cold (Sydney's coldest this year apparently),yes, the legs were a little bit sorer(SHUT UP LEGS,)as cycling great Jens Voigt's catch cry proclaims & yes the dogs weren't happy I wasn't walking them this morning.
But,Hey! Autism doesn't care about the cold,,nor my sore legs or even a couple of grumpy hounds.
So on with it boy get on that trainer,,loosen those sore muscles,,warm up those cold hands & just hit that road like you signed up to do.
And so it was. A little later, a little more tired I headed across the city , to the Coat Hanger, which was surprisingly(or maybe not, when it's 6.5 degrees).From there it was on through the streets of Lavender Bay & North Sydney before venturing to Lane Cove then back home through Hunters Hill, Gladesville & Drummoyne.
Back at home the dogs were equally tired having got their walk 
The day was finished of  with a few laps of Centennial Park , having covered a total of 98.6 kilometres.
Update..Earlier weather forecast have changed.Looks like the last days of  the RFA Challenge will be under damp conditions.On the positive side, the Bay may be free of foot traffic.

Day 3

Who wouldn't get out and about in such a beautiful city on another brilliant sunny day.And the best thing about today's ride?
It was drama free.

So, despite both my bike & body being a little banged up I managed a morning ride through the Inner West through Rozelle, Summer Hill to Canterbury , Tempe , Marrickville , Enmore & Rozelle.
After a rest , a dog walk & a bite to eat the day ended with a few laps around Centennial Park.
Feet up now & time to watch Le Tour!

Day 2 Ride for Autism

Well that was another perfect day for a ride.Really loving the lack of traffic.It makes for a much more pleasant ride.It 's so weird to ride through the CBD & have the roads to yourself.
 Took on another mostly flat ride to La Perouse with a few Centennial Park circuits thrown in for good measure.
Picture below : La Perouse

Day 1 Done

Well, I could'n't have asked for better weather to begin the Ride for Autism.A little cool to start but not a breath of wind all day was a made for order kind of day .
A bit of a rocky start(bad choice made by me) so I'll own it but it didn't deter me from my quest.
75km of reasonably comfortable riding, made a bit easier by COVID conditions in Sydney, meant less road traffic to deal with.Unfortunately, same can't be said for The Bay Run foot traffic.
No ride pics to share, due mainly to no good safe spots to top & take photos.Maybe more on another day.
Feeling good.Hope to hit the road early again & belt out another big one in ideal conditions.Getting ahead of the predicted day of poor weather later in the week.

Ride for Autism 2021

The daily struggle for people identified as being on the autistic spectrum is real. Acknowledgement & greater understanding of this is a step in the right direction. Ongoing research and global  awareness is key to a better world for every individual. 
I encourage everyone to follow on my challenge & those who wish to  support me in reaching my goal  to aid for a greater outcome for a world where we all deserve a fighting chance to reach our potential.

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