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My target 100 kms

Ready (or not) set go

I’m about to jump on the bike later this morning. It’s freezing. Expected strong winds. This will be funny AF. I’m going to see how far I can go and smash out today. As I have a busy week ahead. I want to stay true to my word and finish this. Your donations mean a lot. Remember. Spread the word. And awareness for ASD. 

Inspiration stations

There are many people in my life that are inspiring me to do this. The families. The parents. The carers. I have just completed a long weekend away with one of my most favourite little people. Your donations will mean that there is a bigger voice. And more choice, for children like my mate. 
If I achieve one thing on this ride. It’s that more awareness is brought to the attention of the community. And about just how marvellous and smart Autism can make people. 

Raise the bar

All my cool cats and kittens. You’re so great , I’ve raised the bar. This will mean the absolute world to so many. Especially me. Don’t just like. Donate. Little or lots. It’s all much appreciated. Tonight I had a lovely birthday dinner with one of my favourite families. One of my greatest inspirations. Happy Birthday M and E

Feeling the love

One day in. Infact. Not even. This morning I woke to the realisations I was almost 3/4 way to $$$ goal. I cannot believe it. I’ve never done something like this before, and I’m actually that excited to a chow with it for so many with ASD. I’m so very thankful for the wonderful people who have donated so far. This fundraising thing is gathering speed. Hopefully my pedals can follow suit. 
Share away friends x I promise it will be worth it. X

PHat as and ready to ride

Ok so I’ve just signed up. Only told my husband. Who says I need to start training tonight. Pffffft. No thanks. Everyday is a challenge for most with ASD. So to put myself out for a week will be an honour. Actually. I might see if my tyres are pumped up. Safety first. 

I'm riding for....

I’m riding for autism to help create a world where understanding the contribution those on the spectrum have in this world, is valued unconditionally. Also to bring awareness to such an amazing bunch of members in my community.

I am in absolutely NO shape whatsoever to do this challenge. But it is something so very very close to my heart. And something I will do to make sure those who have changed my life, receive much needed and deserved funds, to improve their quality of life.  

People on the spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently. For many, simply coping with the everyday can lead to confusion, anxiety and isolation. WE CAN CHANGE THIS. 

I’m going to complete this challenge, either on my bicycle or the spin bike in my garage. This will be the funniest thing.  Sweat tears and no bladder control after child bearing. I promise your funds will be greatly appreciated and an inspiration for me to complete this challenge.

Help make my ride count and show your support by donating today!

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Shez And Jem

You are one amazing and bloody funny girl who always goes above and beyond for our kids! Thanks for being a part of our village chickie and good luck with the bladder control! Lots of love from Shez and Jem xxx


Miss Dahhhhmeanours Cousin

You ride that bike girl x


Erin Cowley

From the day I met you I knew in my bones you would be great at advocating for unseen strengths! Your incredible Louise and so wish there were more of you in this world! Have a blast on this journey!


Kim And Jas

Way to go Lou!!!


Luke And Erin

Can’t wait for you to vlog it all! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤞🏼


Simon And Christelle


The Linton-smith’s

Awesome job Lou!! Xxx



Go go girl. You are amazing xx


Jack Roberts


Malinda Corns

Go you good thing ! You are such an inspiration to those around you by giving things a crack . Those around you are so blessed that you have their back ❤️


Nicole Griffin

Kind Nicole thinks Lovely Louise will simply smash this and keep us all entertained with hilarious recaps along the way!


Sue Gall

You are an amazing support to our crazy family, and we are so very happy to support you in this challenge. xxx


Deb Stallard

you go girl...just amazing and i know you'll smash every km! well done


Winter Family

Would love to be a fly on the wall to see your facial expressions as you smash this goal. What a superstar!!!


Ann Maree Darbyshire

You go girl 🥰


Olivia, Kaine, Billie And Fin

So proud of you. An amazing advocate and wonderful human. On ya bike Woo!



Sold my leather collection for this, get it babe x


Les Cropley

Deb said you are wonderfully crazy and I have to assist with the final result cos autism is a puzzle you go girl



Fk yes.


Amanda Muschamp

You got this Lou


Caitlin Foster

Go Lou!


Michaela Shackley


Alarna Dillon

You are a legend Weez 💪🏼


Andie Baker

Go u bloody ripper


Libby Howard

Go you good thing!!



You're amazing, you'll smash this champ!


Tiana Howard

You’re inspirational! I went for a bike ride once a few years ago. It hurt my bum. Good luck 🤣 May your bum recover quickly.





Your an awesome person !! Best of luck for your ride xx



You go girl!!!


Brooke Hayden

Love your work !


Dunstan Fam



Megan De Kook

You can do it!!!




Tiffany White

You are amazing for doing this! Keen to see the DM 😉


Miss Demeaner

Excited to see you in front of the camera babe, let me know if you need any hot tips 😻💦


Amy Jacka

Love this!