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My daughter Isabella, it’s been quite the journey for our little girl.

Diagnosed just as she started school, attending a mix of speech and learning classes with her new school.

We always knew we had a special girl that needed us to understand her.  We (more so my amazing wife) battled with an extremely difficult process to get Isabella the diagnosis she required.  

Although we haven’t really had any support we have learned to understand Isabella’s needs. We know what she likes and what she doesn’t like.  We know not to dish up her dinner, take her out after a long week on a Friday, expect too much from her after starting school again after a break and not to argue as she struggles to calm her emotions.  Understanding doesn’t happen overnight, we still get it drastically wrong and the melt down comes.  

Isabella has two sisters and a brother, this is another dynamic that we have to manage.  It’s a fine line between disciplining Isabella and cuddling her, this can be seen differently by her siblings. These too play a huge part, they also have to understand and it’s even more difficult for them however mostly they’re great with her.

Isabella is becoming more and more aware and is really trying to calm her emotions, she has over come so much and will continue to do so.

We’re like two peas in a pod, I recently left a job because I was spending too much time away from home, she needs her Dad, I need to be with Isabella, we get each other!  

I could write and write about why I’m riding but I hope the above gives a little insight.

Please mukas, don’t judge the screaming kid in the supermarket or the quiet kid at a party because they’re too anxious to play.  These kids are beautiful in their own way.  All kids and adults with learning disabilities simply want to be understood and accepted into society.  Our job is to help this happen and awareness is key for this success.

Please give a little, this will go towards the families that do need extra support from the wonderful professionals out there.

Many thanks.  

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Great cause Mukka!


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Good work Muka!



Do your kids proud lad


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Good on you mate, great cause.


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I’m always willing to give to a good cause.


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Such an amazing and dedicated family. Already doing so amazing!


Your Awesome Kids

Go daddy... we love you. From Tillie Isabella Frankie and Ronnie xx


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