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We need people like you to help us pave the way to a better future

You, and your network of supporters are helping us make sure no-one on the autism spectrum gets left 

Your fundraising will enable Aspect to continue to provide the invaluable work we do in areas such as: 

  • research programs
  • supporting families
  • providing autism friendly equipment and necessities for our schools
  • early childhood support and
  • important respite programs to families in need

This is why, by taking part in Ride for autism, you will help provide the best opportunities for people of all ages on the autism spectrum. 

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Here is Ava's story  

Ava was a very quiet baby, with not many sounds and a few babbles. As she missed more and more developmental milestones, her parents Shannen and Jamie began to worry. Ava was diagnosed on the autism spectrum just before she turned 3 years old.

When Ava began at day-care, it was clear it wasn’t suited to her specific needs. Even though Ava’s teachers knew she had been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, they simply weren’t equipped with the knowledge and techniques to properly support her.

Ava only had a few words at the time so had trouble expressing herself and couldn’t connect with her teachers or other students.

For many children and teenagers on the autism spectrum, mainstream learning environments can be extremely challenging. Four out of five children on the autism spectrum have difficulty learning, communicating and making friends at school, and these challenges can follow them throughout life. 

For Ava, and many other children on the autism spectrum, traditional school can be a confusing, stressful and unpredictable place.

That all changed, when Ava started at her Aspect School.

When Ava arrived, she could only say a few words and often spoke in her own made up language. She couldn’t hold a pencil and she didn’t engage with other students. Ava’s teachers used visual aids, sensory tools and autism specific strategies, such as social stories and structured teaching to help Ava build new skills and adapt to the world around her. With one-on-one support in small classes and structured goals tailored to Ava’s needs, she is continuing to build on her skills, learning strategies for regulating emotions and techniques to cope with sensory challenges.

At Aspect Schools, differences are not only accepted, they are valued. Aspect teachers know that every child is different in their own wonderful way, whether they're on the spectrum or not. This is acceptance, encouragement and care, combined with an evidence-based, autism-specific teaching framework provides children like Ava with the confidence they need to find their voice and reach their full potential. 

Ava's parent's say, “She has always been that amazing bubbly little girl but she just needed that extra help to express it and Aspect have given that to us. 

Ava now goes to a satellite class through Aspect. She is just jumping through the hoops! She has improved so much with her speech and now she understands what you are saying but also tells you when she doesn’t understand. Her social interactions are much better and the school has told me she has made a few mainstream friends! 

By taking part in Ride for autism you will not only support a child like Ava on their unique path to a fulfilling life, it will also help to create a world that embraces people for their differences.